Employee experience scan


How well does your organisation score on employee experience? Do you work at a real experience organisation, an engaged organisation, or is the experience still in its infancy? Do the quick scan below!

We distinguish 5 types of organisations:

The experience organisation: a very good employee experience, with a clear mission, great culture and pleasant working environment.

The pre-experience organisation: already good on its way to the optimal employee experience, but sharpening is still needed.

The engaged organisation: parts of the employee experience are already in place, but in other areas there is still room for improvement.

The emerging organisation: there are still some steps to take, but there is already a success here and there.

The inexperienced organisation: there is still a lot to improve in the employee experience.

Do the quick scan below and find out how well your organisation invests in the experiences of employees. For each of the 15 questions, rate with the number of stars to what extent you agree: 1 star is “totally disagree,” 5 stars is “completely agree.” After clicking you will immediately see the next question. If you want to go back, click on the back button. Filling in takes only a few minutes and you immediately see your result.


The entered data and personal data are not shared with third parties. Your personal information is used to send the result by e-mail. You can occasionally receive updates from People like us, for which you can easily unsubscribe.


Curious how your organisation scores through the eyes of all employees? In the more extensive Employee Experience Business Scan, we measure the employee experience among all employees, and provide an extensive customized report with in-depth insights and concrete development advice.


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