Growth program Unc Inc


“Unc Inc is a design agency for digital products and we focus on meaningful projects. We have existed for 13 years now. We started as a freelance collective, of which the founders now form the management. Since we have grown organically to about 30 people over the years, we have asked People like us to help us steer this growth in the right direction. We started with a personal development process of the board members and we then continued this to the entire organization.

With the help of People like us,  a lot of rest came in the workplace, everyone has a personal growth plan and we are ready for the future. Where we, as management, previously made all decisions together, we now work more based on trust and qualities of the various management members. The result is that everyone has more time to focus on what he is good at and gets energy from. “

Floris de Langen, Creative Director & Partner Unc Inc