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Do you feel that there is more to you than meets the eye? Do you sometimes get lots of energy from what you do, but are you draining energy on other days? With the ODC Talent scan you discover what your real drivers are, how you can get the most out of your talents and lead your life in balance and full of energy. Imagine being able to use every ounce of your natural abilities…

More than 90% of what we do is driven from a subconscious level. Here we often find the answers to our real development challenges. That’s why our Talent scan is at the core of our (growth) programs. Our Talent scan, the ODC, measures subconscious drivers and maps them against consciously developed competencies. The outcome gives a clear and in-depth insight into authentic (team) drivers, natural strengths & talents, hidden potential, energy levels, performance and team dynamics. It inspires and motivates teams to take initiative and control in improving collaboration and team performance.
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The results of your Talent scan can generate a lot of recognition, but can also be a cause of surprise. After all, an unconscious talent can be a blind spot. Or the competencies that you have developed may possess potential pitfalls. For managers and ambitious employees who want to grow by developing their talents and functioning more authentic, we provide coaching and leadership programs.


Self-aware people, attracted by the mission of the organisation and using their talents for the benefit of that mission, are indispensable for every company. On average it appears that people do not use 35% of their talent. Thanks to the ODC Talent scan you can get a clear picture of the forces and unutilized talents.

The Talent scan is also particularly valuable for teams. With the measurement you understand how you can make a team excel by bringing the right people together. You gain insight into the talents and pitfalls of employees so that you can empower them and prevent dysfunctioning. Within organisations, the scan can be used for leadership development, executive and individual coaching at every level. The tool is also available as an in-company system, which is particularly useful for companies that want to implement the scan for all employees.


“After the measurement, a skeptical feeling came over me: how can something sensible be said based on these questions? But the explanation was spot on! Very good. What I find particularly interesting is how I relate to people with other profiles and how everyone can be powerful as a team. So very useful. “


“It was like looking into a mirror: People like us let me see even more clearly what my strong points are when it comes to me as an employee and manager. They do it by analyzing your natural skills, advising on the hidden potential, and showing vulnerable strengths and blind spots we all have.”

services manager

“My Talent scan experience was like looking into a mirror: People like us let me see even more clearly what my strong points are when it comes to me as an employee and manager. They do it in analyzing your natural skills, advising on the hidden potential, showing the vulnerable strengths and discussing on the resistant limitation we all have.

The aim of the session is to explain more in depth what you should do to reach a balanced situation of these four forces we all have. In this way work and personal life will improve dramatically. Do you use your strengths when you do what you do every day at work? Does the company you are working for is a place where your skills can blossom even more? What are you good at? What behaviors, tasks, sector should you avoid to feel energized and what are the areas you should focus instead, for you to feel good? These are all questions whose answers were very clear to me after the first session and after having received my first report from People like us.”
Giovanna Valsecchi, Services manager

For the Talent scan we use the ODC tooling by Odin Company. At the core lies the philosophy of analytical psychology of Carl Gustav Jung. For more information, please visit their website.