The power of talent

The power of talent

Almost all our client projects start with mapping the talents of people and teams. Even if, for example, it concerns a strategic review or growth process. We do this based on the conviction that more insight into this area results in more profit in all areas and for everyone within the organization. Why? Four reasons:

1. Awareness creates growth

Change and growth starts with awareness. Awareness about what your talents are, where you stand, where you want to go and what it takes to get there. Knowing what your specific talents are and what you can improve, brings focus. And it gives direction for setting goals and what you have to do to achieve them.

2. Cycling with tail wind

Every person has specific talents. Competences and skills we are naturally good at. Developing and deploying these talents, not only provides a lot of energy and satisfaction, but you will be also naturally good at it. Conversely, learning things that are outside of your talents can take a lot of effort, frustration and energy. You can definitely do very well at willpower, but it feels like cycling against the wind continuously. And why would you want to cycle against the wind, if you can also feel the wind in your back?

3. Insight connects

In collaborating with others, it helps enormously if, in addition to understanding yourself, you also understand how the other person works. How someone thinks and what moves someone. Insight into each other’s motives and talents creates more understanding, respect and connectedness. It gives a huge boost to the collaboration, if you gain insight into who can contribute what with which talents. Roles and responsibilities are more easily and better distributed, allowing team members to contribute to joint results in their own way.

4. Use your potential for more performance

No less than 35% of people’s innate talent remains unused on average. Imagine how much potential still remains unused. When it comes to improving performance, there is a huge opportunity for organizations and teams, but also for you as an individual. All the more important to make this potential transparent. A first step is to undergo the talent scan, and to learn how to make better use of your talents, which activities best suit this and how to collaborate smartly.

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