About us

No more waste of talent!

People like us is the business partner for growth companies in talent & business development. Together with CEOs, founders & HR, we unlock and develop the growth potential of their people and their company. We do this by creating synergy between people, culture and strategy and translating insights into practical solutions that fit the growth phase of the company. Our offer consists of tests, scans & tools, strategic advice, mentoring & co-creation, coaching, training & development programs. Our mission? No more waste of talent!


We believe that people are the key to growth. Successful entrepreneurship arises in connecting people and business goals. This starts with recruiting and retaining people who believe in the company’s mission and are attracted to the culture. Giving them responsibility and inspire them to connect to the vision and business strategy at a purpose level. Supporting them with good business leadership, and a clear, flexible structure. This stimulates and facilitates people to accelerate sustainable growth.


Founded out of passion

People like us was founded in 2017 by Agnes and Robin, based on their shared belief that people are the key to growth in an organisation. For some time now they have been strengthened at the core by Melissa and surrounded by a growing network of experts. Together they are committed to giving people and organisations the energy, ideas and tools to make maximum use of existing talent, and to create a positive working climate where impact is made with pleasure.


Founding partner

“Inspiring others to utilise their natural talents, aligning people to shared goals, facilitate in establishing smart collaborations and inventing new ways of co-creating positive impact is what I love to do most. I love working with entrepreneurial people, who dare to invest, care to make a difference and have fun along the way.”



“I like exploring how we can add value to your business. I’m an experienced, driven growth consultant. I have years of experience building startups & scaleups from the ground up. I have a keen eye on all essential parts of the business, from growth structures to sales tactics, which I share with enthusiasm and empathy.”

Alone we’re smart, together we’re brilliant. 


We are a network organisation. We enjoy working with entrepreneurial experts and partners who make a difference and create insight, talent development and growth. With our inner circle network of collaborating professionals, we can always offer the right expertise. A selection from our suppliers and partners:

Partner Midgard in talent development
Partner Learned.io in talent development